The Customer/Patron is always right and so are your colleagues

Customer service.  My very first job as a teen was in the office of a family owned department store.  The office may as well been called the returns center.  It was here that I learned that the Customer is indeed Always Right!  We would take back anything! — used lipstick (wrong color) or half eaten loaves of bread.  I never ceased to be amazed.  Back then there were not so many choices of where to shop. This store was an outlier, and made that extra effort to lure consumers from the more conveniently located brand name grocery chains etc….

They had many loyal customers AND many loyal employees.

The key to employees adopting the customer is always right motto was that we (the employees) were supported and treated with respect. The  employees were always right as well.   We were never expected to put up with any sort of abuse. If there was any difficulty with a customer, there was always a co-worker or supervisor there to back you up.  It was clear that we were a team and while we really did strive to please the customer it wasn’t at the expense of our own integrity.


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