Students Rebuild Literacy Challenge

For the past two weeks my K-4 students have been making bookmarks for the Students Rebuild Literacy Challenge.  Although the challenge was launched on International Literacy Day, I heard that the Bezos foundation would double their already generous donation of $1 for each bookmark that was postmarked by Feb. 14th.   Well, you do the math!  So we got to work.  The students never cease to amaze me with their generosity of spirit and artistic talents.

The students were amazeBookmarksd when I told them that over 200 million children just like them couldn’t read.  We tried to imagine what that might be like by putting ourselves in another country where we don’t understand the language.  One student pointed out that there are universal symbols.  Yes!  But we all agreed that not being able to read details and important information could be scary.  Another student succinctly put it:  “If you cant read you can’t understand anything.”  We talked about how lucky we are that we could read.  We can read because we can practice with books that are interesting to us. That is why it is so important that the “funds generated by the program will help Save the Children’s Literacy Boost program add a greater variety and complexity of reading materials to their international book banks and improve outcomes including school attendance, reading comprehension and self-confidence.”  Readers are Leaders!


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