23 Things

Well, I am finally getting to do this.  It is hard to make the time but…. So thanks for hosting this again.

What I am really hoping to get out of this is becoming more comfortable with all the different social technology and how to manage it better.  I also want to learn from others what some of their obstacles have been to becoming more engaged with web 2.0 technology.   I learn by doing and while I have built web pages for three libraries where I have worked, none of them evolved into what I hoped would be a real resource to the community.  The 24/7 library.  Unfortunately here in rural NH most libraries don”t really have the money to have a web presence.  The reason for that is that many directors and trustees still don’t see the usefulness of having an up to date web site and don’t really believe that patrons will visit their facebook page or care about library tweets.  So honestly none of my library jobs here in Rural NH have demanded I use social media tools.   Frustrating.  So I am hoping for some “how to” training but also some discussion on why do it at all?  and how to do it efficiently!  So with that I’ll go and browse some of your blogs.


About Rural Librarian

Librarian, Mother, Artist, Gardner trying to make the world a better place
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One Response to 23 Things

  1. Scott Community College Library says:

    I have never been a rural librarian but I can comprehend how frustrating it must be. I am from Iowa and have talked with some of our rural librarians. Most of them experience many of the same things you do in rural NH.
    I think NH is beautiful. I have been in NH a few times. I think NH and the UP of Michigan are two of the most beautiful places I have ever been.

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